I was so happy with those words
I was hoping that it was all true
I was hoping that he would still at least stay longer
I thought that everything will be changed a bit.

But, I know that I am being stupid
I knew everything
I knew what kind of person he is
I knew all of the bad sides of him
and I knew that he will forget his words after he said it 'that night'
and I knew that he was little bit drunk too that time
So I completely know that he said it because he was unconscious
I was fully aware that he would forget his words in the next morning
and I knew I shouldn't be touched and hope for something because of it
and I knew it... I knew those will happen.

But then I still hope that it will last
I still hope that he really means what he said
I still hope that it can happen even if just once
Even I knew if it happens, everything will be just the same
It won't change me or him
And I know that my feeling won't last long
Because it was broken once by him long time ago
So I guess it's just because of temporary loss.
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  1. oneeye Says:

    konsen sama assignment dan exam dulu, hehehe