This morning, I opened my twitter and looked at one of my friend's tweet that said 'Sri Mulyani becomes World Bank's Managing Director'. What?! I was shocked and tried to find the source of the information. For your information, I am not political and economical person, but at least I know who the government people in my country are. Sri Mulyani Indrawati, her full name, is a finance minister in Indonesia. Lately, she is facing many problems because of Century problems which made her reputation bad as well. You can search for the Century problem if you want to know. But, I will not explain it here. hehehehe... Now, who knows, because of the Century and many other financial problems in Indonesia gave her an opportunity to work internationally in World Bank as a Managing Director.

Robert B Zoellick, President of World Bank, gave some reasons why Sri Mulyani is chosen. First, he said Sri Mulyani is an appropriate person to fill the position because she has skills to control and manage Indonesian's economic policy, where Indonesia is the biggest country in Southeast Asia. Another reason is because Sri Mulyani has been signed as finance mininster in Indonesia since 2005 and Indonesia is one of the biggest countries that slipped from global crisis.

Robert B Zoellick said that Sri Mulyani is a leading finance ministers who could play a key role to lead the World Bank in strengthening client support and implement reforms. Sri Mulyani will start work in World Bank as 1st June 2010. The best part is position Managing Director is only one level below the World Bank President Robert Zoellick, who is the highest-level leaders in the world's financial institutions (KOMPAS.COM).

WOW !! Two thumbs up for her. I know she is smart when I saw her the first time in Century debating case last year. But, I'm not expecting at all she can work in World Bank. Glad to hear that because it's such a waste for her to only stay in Indonesia and being accused and scorned. I read people comments in facebook. Some said she is more appreciated in the world than in her own country. One of popular novelist said that it is a proof that such competent and honest people is not wanted in this country (Indonesia), shame on you people. Even after this good and shocking news, there are still bad news spread about her. They said that Sri Mulyani run away from Century case by joining World Bank. OMG! If she is guilty, stupid and just want run away, World Bank won't choose her as Managing Director itself. I guess people just get jealous of her and spread the rumor or bad news --"

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