OK! This is gonna be the last post for now. I promise!

Today, as if Wednesday is Chadstone's VIP Shopping Party to celebrate the 50th birthday. It is basically just same like previous VIP days. There will be up to 50% discounts in most shops. So, don't miss it!

Here is the discount lists. Anyway, I won't go because I don't have any mood to shop at the moment. I know it is so strange because I love shopping. But, it's good too so I can stay at home and save my money. Besides, I shopped a Ksubi jeans last week when it was in huge sale. I will write a review about it later. So, enjoy the day and enjoy the shopping, guys!
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2 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    masa ga dibilang dimana (nama suburb), dan berapa rent-nya per bulan. so you want to be you in "You are my priority, but not my intention"? are you sure. i rather be the second one, not on the top but surely always remembered. well.. kalo ga post kali, i'll miss your post but you have to do what you have to do.

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    city, 875-900/month exclude bill.