Finally, I watched movie again.
This time I watched Iron Man, as it is one of the most wanted movies in this year.
Lucky we got the ticket because it was so crowded, even we only got the side seat.

The movie itself is OK!
I give 7 out of 10 for it. The story, for me, is not really attracting but the technology used especially the computer thing, the effect and the multimedia used are awesome. I wish the computer technology that are used in the movie is real. I want it so bad! You have to watch it then you will know what I am talking about ;p. Even the story is not really special, but there are some funny scenes and dialogs so it can entertain audience. Ah, moreover, the disappointing part is the enemy was really easy to be killed. Because, in the first time, the enemy looked powerful enough to beat Iron Man so I expect more.

Overall, well... it's worthed to watch apart from not a very good story. Oh, one more thing that will make this movie more interesting is the actress. Scarlett Johansson is so sexy in this movie. hahahaha... So, hope you all enjoy the movie :)
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