Me and my friends visited a new cafe few days ago. The cafe is called cafe vue and it is located in 401 St Kilda Rd. We went there because I saw it in the Internet and the place looked awesome. The fact? The place was awesome but the food and service were not really satisfying.

The story started from me and my friends only want to eat desserts, not main. But, after the waiter knew we only had desserts, they asked us to move to the side table because the middle table was only for people who eat main. At that time, we are just thinking... WTH? I think they shouldn't do that. Because the place was not really crowded as well, they should let us to seat there. Because of that, Tommy was pissed off and lost his good mood. Then, after we tasted the cake, we were more disappointed. The portion was so small,  not worth enough compare to the price. The taste of the cakes were not really nice as well. I ordered chocolate tart and coffee macaroon. The chocolate tart was too sweet and the macaroon was so small (compare to Linds). My friend, Maria ordered pier tart and chocolate macaroon. Dimas ordered espresso ice cream. The ice cream was said 2 scoops, but when it comes... the scoops were so small. hahahahaha.... 

Overall, the place is good. The cake design was excellent but the service and the tastes of the food are poor.  Maybe we should try the main menus next time because the main looked and smelled so delicious.

*Some photos are taken from here
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  1. oneeye Says:

    maybe because you guys were being moved, so they ruined your mood and taste.