I know this doesn't sound right, not making sense... but I accidentally put Body Shop's body butter in my wet hair.

So the story was started when I washed my hair and left it dry by itself. I sat on my desk, watched youtube while put my head leaning on one of my hands (which I used to apply body butter before).
The next thing I realised, when I tried to dry it out completely by using hair dryer, my hair, the part that touched my hand was sticky and greasy. Super yuckkkk! It's just like when you don't wash your hair for a week. 

I was wondering what happened that time then I realised of that body butter thingy.
Well, I never experience this before so I have no idea if the body butter will stuck in wet hair.
And guess what? I can't get rid of it even though I shower and washed it so many times after.

Trust me, it's super annoying. Like people said 'Hair is a woman's crowning glory', it is true indeed. When my hair looks so bad and sticky, I am ashamed. I feel like I don't want to go out.
So, I decided to Google it and find anything that can help me. Not much post about it tho, but there are few. Thanks God for people who did the same mistake ;p
Anyway, there was one said to put olive oil in it then wash it as usual.
Another one said to sprinkle your hair with corn flour, leave it for a while and wash it per normal.

I tried olive oil twice, it helps a bit, but it's back the next hour. Weird!
After 1 or 2 days without success, I tried corn flour.... and Tadaaaaaaa!!! It works!!! Magic!!!!
I am so so happy getting my normal hair back. Fiuhhh... Now, I can go out meeting people confidently :))

So, in case you make the same mistake as me, try corn flour. hehehe...
I read a blog from Trissalicious about macaron and driving license and this sounds exactly like me at the moment.

I am going to have my driving license test tomorrow morning and I am nervous as hell.
Not that I can't drive properly but because I've been driving too long... but in my home country not here in Australia.
Why that makes a problem? Because in my country, road laws are made to be broken (well, except the traffic light). So, in fact I've been driving more than 10 years there and with no proper lesson from the certified instructor (my instructor is my mom) who follows all the road rules, I have made all this behaviour planted to my body and to my brain. 
When I drive, I drive safely but in my own way. That means I discard all the steps in how to be a good driver, especially when you drive in Western countries but I still do all the basic and necessary steps in driving tho (I'm not that bad).

I had my driving lesson just to make myself sure what I need to do on the day and it just made me more nervous.
Head check, mirror, sign, break, road sign, merge, tram, bicycle. Oh man!
I know all of that things but do I need to literally move my head to check just on the mirror? Cry!!!!

I am seriously scared facing the test tomorrow, I hope I will pass though so I won't deal with it anymore.

And cos I am stressed out, I am baking macaron today.
I feel if I can make it right, I am gonna pass my test tomorrow. Finger crossed!!!!

Anyway, I did try the Italian method today in making my macaron.
This time is Oreo Cheesecake macaron. Sounds yum, isn't it?
I heard that the Italian method produces the best and stable results. 
Well, it probably is. My macaron has the stable form and feet, not like last time when I use the French method. Sometimes I get beautiful look macaron but sometimes I don't even dare to take a pic of it. hahaha...

So, I will probably stick with this Italian method from now. But, I still can't get that shiny surface on the top. I noticed it should be glossy but mine looks more matte. 
I wonder if this is because of the oreo mixture or I did something wrong. Sigh!

Recipe is adapted from here
In conclusion, I am able to make macaron perfectly today so I do really really hope everything is going to be fine tomorrow and I will get a kind tester.

Wish me luck!
I am melting - wish someday I can afford few of them. Amin!

love the side storage 
I DEFINITELY want a kitchen like this!!!!!
Or this!
and THIS shower too 

I don't mind to have a living room like this ;p
Love the idea and creativity
and I SURELY don't mind AT ALL to have a house like thisssss! OH!!!!
In love with this
and this. Period.
Made Japanese Kara-age on Saturday noon and gone just like that.
My sister loves it - of course!

It is really yummy and easy.
I use the recipe from here and in fact I did not use the sake but still taste yummy.
Looking at the original picture then looking at mine, I think mine is too pale.
I should probably leave it longer to get that golden brown color.

Anyway, go try it and enjoy!

This is the best combination ever... to go on my face :*

From left to right:

Make Up Forever HD Primer - I can tell, this is the best primer ever. And I did not realize that primer gives a huge difference on your face until one day I ran out of it and thank you Australia that this brand is not available in any store, I need to order online and wait several days. Anyway, that time I didn't use any primer.. clearly and I just put my foundation straight away. I looked at myself in the mirror and 'why do I look different' 'why is it so bad' 'why is it not smooth as usual' then I realised, the primer. WOW! So, use primer girls!

Next is MAC Longwear SPF 10 Foundation - Well I don't need to do retouch for the whole day by using the primer and this foundation (this is not applied in the hot weather when you're sweating, ok!)

On the top, there is MAC Prep+Primer - This can be used or not. Depends on how you want your make up to be. The lady told me I can use this only after the foundation or you can use compact powder if you more cover on your face. But I found out using this makes my face feels so much lighter.

Next to it, there is Smashbox O-Glow Blush On - Love love love it. It's a gift from my best friend. She knows I want it but I feel it's too expensive to buy another blush on when I still have my own at home so she bought it for me. Less guilty. Yeayy, thank you!

Going down again, you will apply your eye liner first before your lisptick. I use Stilla liquid eyeliner in intense black and of course waterproof (in case I am crying ;p ) - Super duper love it as well.
I used to use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and it's too messy. You need brush, you need brush cleansing, you need make up removal later on. Too many things to bring esp when you're travelling and it smudges on me. Dohhh! So I prefer this Stilla one. Easy and it stays the whole day, no smudge.

Last but not least, Rimmel lipstick in pink - Somehow the color goes really well on me. In fact, a lot of people ask what lipstick I use when they meet me. Hmmmm.... So I am keeping it for daily use.

That's it. Not so complicated, easy, fast and not too heavy for daily make-up.
It's always exciting to talk about holiday and trips, especially if it is your holiday.
I know I have been travelling a lot recently but that's what you should do when you're young, isn't it?
Once you have your own family and particularly when you start having your kids, travelling becomes harder.

I know I need to settle as soon as possible. I need to find a decent job and makes my parents and also myself more calm.
But I can't help myself planning my next trip. Ups!

Well, in mid-October I am going to Bali for my friend's wedding and will b there just for few days. Enough to have fun, it's gonna be a sweet getaway accompanied by best friends and amazing Bali's beach view.

In mid-November, my big family and I will be going to Hong Kong for my cousin's wedding. 
Damn! Everyone is getting married but thanks to them so I have more reason to travel.

And.... in June next year (I know this one is too long to be told now), but anyway... my boyfriend, his friends and I are going to Cebu Philippines. I know we should go to Boracay or Palawan (the popular place) or at least Manila.
But we got $2 ticket for return to Cebu, so why not? As long as it's overseas, we can still explore something new. Correct?
I can always enjoy Philippines' food if there is nothing else to see in Cebu.
I tried their food once in Cairns and OH MY GOD, I love love love it!
It makes me wanting to try more but they don't have it here in Melbourne and I doubt it as well in Indo.
My cousin and my Filo friends also told me that when you're in Philippines, everything everywhere is pork.

Oh man! I am drooling already! Can't wait til next year.
Current obsession: Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer.
I will definitely buy one when I am back to Indonesia.
Damn! Should buy this long time ago instead of buying several hand mixer that always get broken every time I tried to make cookies or bread. Lol!

I heard of this brand for a while and know that the price is crazy for a mixer.
Looking at the pictures just now, I have no idea if you can use your mixer for many things.
Pasta? Juicer? Slicer? Whatttttt????!!!!!

Damn damn damn!
I want it!
And look at those pretty colours. Faint!
Me? I love the red one. Hohohoho...
*pictures taken from Official Kitchen Aid website
Life is getting so depressing for me at the moment.
Doing nothing is suffering for sure.
Maybe I am crazy, but for now, I can't wait to go back to Indo.
I booked my seat yesterday from my 1-year return ticket, and it will be next month.
Sounds so close, but for me it's like 100 years.
Sad? Of course. I will leave my friends here and leave what I've been familiar with in the past 6 years... ohhh almost 7 actually.

But I believe this is the best for me now, I need change, I need new environment, I need to find my passion, I need my best friends and of course my boyfriend.

Besides excited, I am scared too. Deep down in my heart, I am afraid that if I can't do well when I am back there. What if I can't find any job? 
What if I find a job that I don't like again? 
What if I don't like the environment in the end?
What if I can't stand the traffic and the country itself?
I really want to start and open something that I like but everything is not that easy.
I am confused too if I should stay in my hometown or really move to Jakarta.

Either way, I wish I can go back now or even few months earlier cos I feel I am wasting my time here by doing nothing. In Indo, everything is much easier especially to start something new.
However, one day, I still hope that I can go back to Melbourne as I love this city so much.
Even tho Indonesia is my birth country, living in a country that follows rules where everything is so clear and organised is beyond everything.
You find peace which you can't get in Indo.

Anyway, that's it for now. Looking forward to it next month.

Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth (feat. Emeli Sande)

You tell all the boys "No"
Makes you feel good, yeah.
I know you're out of my league
But that won't scare me away, oh, no

You've carried on so long,
You couldn't stop if you tried it.
You've built your wall so high
That no one could climb it,
But I'm gonna try.

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?

You let all the girls go
Makes you feel good, don't it?
Behind your Broadway show
I heard a boy say, "Please, don't hurt me"

You've carried on so long
You couldn't stop if you tried it.
You've built your wall so high
That no one could climb it.
But I'm gonna try

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, boy, take it off now, boy
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight, oh, tonight?

See beneath, see beneath,

I'm gonna climb on top your ivory tower
I'll hold your hand and then we'll jump right out
We'll be falling, falling but that's OK
'Cause I'll be right here
I just wanna know

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl (take it off now, boy,take it off now, boy)
'Cause I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight, oh, oh, oh, tonight?
See beneath your beautiful, oh, tonight.
We ain't perfect, we ain't perfect, no.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?
This is probably the easiest cookies recipe I've ever seen.
And it only needs 3 ingredients. YES, THREE! Unbelievable!

I was in doubt that it will taste good before making it.
But I should now, anything with Nutella taste good. Hahahahaha!

This cookies are so so yummy especially when it's still warm (not hot) cos you still get that melting Nutella inside. I suggest to put it on microwave for few seconds if you're going to eat it the next day.

Recipe is adapted from here.

However, the original recipe said to bake for 6 – 8 minutes, but I bake it for about 10-15 minutes cos I feel 8 minutes is a bit undercooked for me.
Enjoy trying and you won't regret it!
the real cookies are darker than the pic, this is affected by sun light.
I've been practising macarons recently as I had a lot lot lot of leftover egg white from nastar.
I've been trying to make lemon, coffee and green tea macarons. 
And I am struggling with the lemon one. I made twice and both failed.
I tried using my powder and liquid food colouring and both of them still does not work right.
Now, I am really confused what kind of colouring I should use in macaron. 
In fact, if I buy the colour in-store here in Melbourne, it's damn expensive.

I assume once I get it right (using food colouring), the rest is easy.

Anyway, pictures are here.
The green tea one I use recipe from here but only use 1/3 of the recipe. Also, I found out that this one is really sweet. I should prob find the exact recipe that is not too sweet.

The coffee one, I used my old recipe, I forget from where but I love this recipe cos it's not too sweet.
Also, you can clearly see the difference. This time is much much better than the previous trial. Practice makes perfect.

And if you notice, this time, the macaron has few brown dots on the top (that's the coffee powder). It comes naturally, not sure how, even I did grind my almond meal, icing sugar together with the coffee powder twice and sift it twice. It's kinda cool tho, I love it!

Until next post then!